New Life currently has 34 mobile homes that we rent to
individuals that have been displaced by a financial crisis.
Many people that lost their employment, also lost their homes due to an inability to meet financial obligations. Many have secured employment, only to find that without 2-3 thousand dollars, for first and last months rent, and a security deposit, they are not desired tenants.

New life allows individuals to move in with just a $300.00 deposit. We will also divide the monthly rent into weekly payments until the rent can be paid monthly. We also have electric and water turned on in all units to prevent the unnecessary burden of having to pay large utility deposits.

We ask that if you do not believe that you will be able to pay the weekly rent on time, you do not move in. We are using all proceeds to rehabilitate more units in order to provide housing for more people. We would prefer not to have to use much needed resources for evictions.

The park is clean, quiet, and safe. Our residents enjoy living here while improving their financial positions, and recovering their lives.
A Division of New Life Recovery Project Inc.